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Private Villa Private Villa We search for a balance between private and public, introvertive vs extrovertive, inner courtyard and courtyard in this private villa. Coffee Shop Interior Design We love designing spaces for public interaction, and among all these space we love coffee shop interior design projects the most. Coffee Shop Interior DesignLiquor store design: Applied design knowledge Liquor store design: Applied design knowledge By breaking the space, we easily could solve the space for delivery, return area, customer service area and office in this liquor store design project. Residence at 2743 W. 29th Providing detailed and comprehensive documents in any architectural and interior design project... Residence at 2743 W. 29thPrivate Residence Private Residence The project commenced as a material selection project but it developed into a more complicated kitchen and bath design. The challenge... Residence at 2309 Ottawa Residential and single family design are often considered as the fun part of our job. We love to explore the design possibilities with.... Residence at 2309 OttawaOffice Design: Natural Lighting Study Office Design: Natural Lighting Study Although interior designers have the luxury of selecting frame less glass dividers and cubical but .... Liquor store design: A case study here is a lot to consider in any liquor store design projects. The balance between maximum product exposure and security is what makes liquor store design even more challenging. Liquor store design: A case studyConceptual Retail Interior Design Conceptual Retail Interior Design Interior Designing dose not end in matching materials, positioning walls or creating the lighting but it starts with creating an experience. The floor plan was inspired by... Private Villa Client requested a villa where he can accommodate guests, Family members and a full private corner for himself... Private Villa

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