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Interior Design (ID) Why and How to….


Most of the times, people refer interior designers based on either knowing them (i.e. a friend, friend of a friend, neighbor and the etc.) or direct/indirect personal experience. But have you ever thought about who is an interior designer? What they do? How or in what way they can help you? What are the qualifications? Or What are the most important factors in selecting an interior designer firm to refer you client?

At Metamorphous Interiors, we see the need to reshape public’s perspective of interior designers and what they do. After thinking a lot about it, we came to the conclusion that a good blog might be a good approach but only time will tell. We will try post often and will start by introducing the profession, and then we will move on to “why”, “how” and some time to time analyzing some of the important works of other Interior Designers.

Ok then lets start the journey and the first stop is who is an interior designer.