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Private Villa

Private Villa

There are many great private villa projects which demonstrates its artist strength in design and use of materials. Each project whether villa, residence or commercial needs to argue and suppurate something with its existence.  With This private villa we search for a balance between private and public, introvertive vs extrovertive, inner courtyard and courtyard.

What we come up with is a design where each room/area hold a specific private function while helping to create another space with its public function. The family can choose between privacy and open space at any time. both rooms are separated by individual hallways. in the meantime both can be open to the exterior open spaces.

on the top floor, a reading area is provided which can become a living room as well. This again depends on the mood of the family member at the time of use. The most important achievement of this privatevilla is the capability of providing a private and non-private spaces at the same time. private

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