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Organic forms in today’s interior spaces

With the advancement of technology we see more and more artistic expression and organic shapes in today’s interior spaces. How the designer comes up with such organic shapes and forms is a different story but we are capable of pushing status quo. Read more


Importance of Retail Interior Design Lighting

No retail interior design project is complete without a proper lighting design. It goes without saying that poor lighting can cause major problems including a decrease in sales and customer avoidance. In retail interior design projects, the designer can use lighting to guide the customer through different areas of the retail space, attract new customers, present a certain item and etc. A well-lighted retail space can help the customer to easily evaluate the merchandise and if done correctly, lighting can for sure increase sales.  Read more

Well It is going well we hope. The 1:50 scale model of this modern residential design finished a week a go, but the plans needed more explanation and so we did add so. The challenge is the client is not available 24/7. Most of the times, presentations are forwarded through email and sometimes there is a lost in translation problems to anticipate. Read more

We Have completed the 1:200 scale model of  first design option. Please let us know your thoughts. The land is 4000 Sq.m and the allowed building foot print is 150 sq.m.  (to see the images click on “read more”)

Read more

An international client requested a villa design from our team. The design is in collaboration with a local architect and we are very happy to be involved in the project.

The is project is unfolding nicely. Read more