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Who is an Interior Designer? part 2


An interior designer is a problem solver with the skills in the relationship of human and interior spaces. It is very important for an interior designer to enhance and improve the quality of one’s living and interaction with any space (of the interior kind) and maximizes the use of that space.

Most of the times people think when we (interior designers) walk in to space we immediately judge the color and material. This is not true. That is the approach of an amateur designer  who thinks if a space is picture perfect means that space is unique, well designed, harmonized and etc. Well no… when we walk in to a space we look at the position of that space in relation to others, how was the transitional experience? Do you feel that you have entered someone else’s space or you have moved from one room to another (I know and it’s very tricky to explain). How is the special composition? How is the lighting design? Have the owner thought about the sound transition from one room to the other? How long will it take to feel tired in this space? And etc….

Very different no?

After we determine these factors then we move on to the type of activity held in that space. What is the function of the space? Is it private or public (its not as same as residential or commercial)? does the space reflects the activity or its meant to convey otherwise?

Ok, too many questions, I understand and therefore we won’t go deeper but if you do want to know more drop me a line.

Interior designers can design from spatial relationships all the way to furniture. There is even a specific line of interior design just for automotive, aviation, marine industry. Most interior designers in north america do not receive education in these industries. We are heavily focused on the building’s interiors. We understand how people live and work and interact with such spaces.

Our education is mostly based on gathering and analyzing data rather than making a space look good. Beauty and look of the space is one of the factors that we introduce to space as we analyse the data and set our goals and configured the concept. In todays market of interior design most designers are confining themselves to just specifying F.F&E (see previous post for explanation). It is much easier for us to do that rather than gathering data and analyze them. For some reason it is what construction industry expects of us however I have to disagree. Atleast I personally can’t accept it and hoping there are others out there with the same mentality.

A design without a concept and/or providing a solution to a problem is not a design it is lack of intellect (I don’t meant to be rude but if you are offended I’m sorry). This apply to interior design as well. we are not  making photo-shoot stage, we are providing a solution to a problem. Maybe that problem is a furniture composition is a dining room or increasing patient satisfaction in a waiting room.

To be continue……