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Residential Interior Design : Mid-rise

Residential Interior Design: Mid-Rise

One significant strength in residential interior design is providing realistic rendering for clients. Most of the times clients are confused and cant imagine on what and how the final design will look like. Providing interior and exterior renderings help the conversation between us and clients, in any residential interior design project, much easier. It also prevents any misunderstanding. We worked in collaboration with Nagshe Ideh.  As a result,  we succeeded in satisfying the client and meet all of the requirements. After few fast prototyping, we decided to move fast towards the final design. The exterior was an “L” shape cued out of a plane and pushed to the outside.

The main challenge in this residential interior design project was the lobby space and path planning.  We could not have a full lobby with a place for small meeting or greeting and etc, due to the building codes.  Therefore, the lobby could not house most of the lobby amenities such as a meeting area. The design team decided to use this area as an entrance point and located the meeting/greeting area on the second floor. The floor design took the shape of the curve and led to stairs at the opposite of the entrance to guide the guests to the meeting/ greeting area. This elegant entrance made the building presentable. The security right at the point of entrance gave an exclusive image.

Communication in photo realistic rendering was the key to success in this residential interior design project. It helped us to provide the client with alternative ideas and help them in understanding how the space will look like at the end. It also helped in presenting materials and finishes selection we know that communication, between us and the client is extremely important, and we do our best to hear and understand our clients.

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