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Residence at 2309 Ottawa

Residential and single family design are often considered as the fun part of our job. We love to explore the design possibilities with different cultures and Vancouver provided a substantial playground for such activities. In “Residence at 2309 Ottawa” we had to propose new interior floor plans and select new exterior finishes. Our main challenge was the already rectified, half finished, interior separations and structures. To add to the complication of the project, the owner already hired a general contractor and the construction work on the existing building already started prior to Mi’s involvement.

We also had to keep a balance between open space and existing structure and make sure we work around the structural walls and elements. With all the complications, we managed to keep the client satisfied with our work. The client was kind to us and gave us the permeation to go crazy with material selection, and he trusted in our advice (which is a dream of any designer of any discipline). All in all we are happy to have finished the project.

This building was on the market in 2010 in one of the lowest session and the middle of economical depression. The owner sold the house with in two months. We love to believe the great design, wise selection of material, great implementation of construction methods and ultimately the trust between the owner, Mi (designer) and the general contract made this project possible.

Askaryan familyWest Vancouver6000 Sq. Ft.undisclosed2010

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