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Office Design: Natural Lighting Study

Use of natural lighting in office design was and is a challenging task. Although interior designers have the luxury of selecting frameless glass dividers and cubical, many owners do not have the pocket to purchase such objects and design elements. Having said that, Mi tried to come up with a solution for this problem.  The challenge is to design a office where the natural light can penetrate through all walls. If glazing to be used, it must be from floor to ceiling. Just to add to the complication of the office design, all the materials used for the construction must be easily accessible and budget friendly.

General office design spatial requirement:

  • One CEO office
  • Two managers office
  • Two work stations
  • One meeting room for 4
  • One conference room for minimum of 6
  • Copay area
  • Kitchen area
  • Reception area with a reception desk for 2
  • Storage
  • Filing system of area

With all this in our mind, we came up with a design that uses most of the common construction practices and at the same time brings natural light to the most of the spaces. How we did it, we cannot tell but you can guess from the renderings.



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