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Coffee Shop Interior Design

Coffee Shop Interior Design

We love designing spaces for public interaction, and among all these space we love coffee shop interior design projects the most. Coffee shops are great spaces for people to enjoy, relax and interact. We understand this factor perfectly, and we always aim to integrate it with the client’s vision in any coffee shop interior design project. In this project, we collaborated with Lyn T. Jones Design Associates. The empty space provided an excellent play ground for us to set our creativity free. Client requested a space where he could promote a few products, a warming area for his delicious soups and a bar where he could serve some hot beverages to his clients.

One of the important considerations in any coffee shop interior design is setting the right mood. After few sessions of brain storming, we decided to go with wainscoting and use of some classical elements. To balance this shift to classical elements we decided to have concrete flooring, modern equipment, modern lighting, engineered stone counter tops, and a lot of white color. Keeping this balance was extremely hard. We decided to have 3 – 4 layers of transitions from classical to modern elements. We designed tables with the use of wood with classical decorative and steel legs resembling classical legs. Use specified the famous classical modern Eames Molded Plywood Chairs by Herman milers. Last but not least we designed a hanging ceiling with un even height; to step as far as possible from classical elements, and housed the modern lighting in it. The coffee shop interior design proposal project scope includes:

  • Concept development
  • Code compliance
  • Space planning
  • Display unit design
  • Furniture design and selection
  • Complying with ADA codes
  • Material selection
  • Finishes selection

At the end, we believe we have put our %100 and delivered in this coffee shop interior design project. We managed to create a worm and yet elegant space through the balance between classical and modern elements. In depth knowledge of furniture design helped us a lot in achieving this balance and we are positive that the space will welcome any type of user and costumer in the near future.

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