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Liquor store design: A case study

Liquor store design: A case study

There is a lot to consider in any liquor store design projects. The balance between maximum product exposure and security is what makes liquor store design even more challenging. In this project,  we wanted to see how we can push the limit of exposure while keeping the store security at its maximum level. To do so we striped the activities to their essentials. Then we designed elements for each specific step. After finalizing the elements, we started to put everything back together. Throughout the design process, we made sure every designed element is fitting in the whole liquor store design scheme. For example: In any liquor store you will walk in, select a product and then you will check out through cashier.  So we can break down the steps to:

  • Walk in
  • Search
  • Find
  • Select
  • Purchase
  • Check out

Therefore, we have to consider separate doors for entrance and exit, design a secure entrance, design visually light displays and design a cashier. These steps are a part of a liquor store design but not all of it. As you can see in the images, we designed three cashier stands, 2 types of displays and we finalized the selection and rebuilt the whole thing. This type of design process can quickly get out of hand if you do not have a clear destination.

Hence, the design should have an overall concept. This concept is something you will extract from the client meetings and their requests. For example, the client is looking to have his/her store to represent a specific product then your scheme would be in line with that product and etc. The concept for this particular liquor store design project was maximum visibility and focused display units with using some classical and rustic elements.  To apply the concept we used the “key stone” for high end and refrigerated products, and metal shelve brackets for regular display units. After gathering all these elements and data; we finalized the elements, designed the path in a way to guide the shoppers through the store, and last but not least created a space for everyone to have a memorable experience.

N/AN/A3400 Sq. Ft.N/A2007

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