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Liquor store design: Applied design knowledge

Liquor store design: Applied design knowledge

This liquor store design project was one of collaborations between Metamorphous interiors and Lyn T. Jones design and association. The project was a relocation and liquor store (value on liquor Store) design with in an existing building at 1450 SW Marine Drive. The new liquor store was to occupy the existing bar. We started the project by fully measuring the interior space. During the measuring process, we had to provide presentations for public hearing. The liquor store design development was exceptionally smooth, and every step we had to solve a challenge. Our main challenge was providing a clear eye sight from the cashier location to increase security.

We took what we have learned in our liquor store design and applied it here. The entrance was separate from the exit doors. After few back and forth schematic designs, we decided to use few angled lines to dictate overall space planning and solve some of the design challenges. By breaking the space, we easily could solve the space for delivery, return area, customer service area and office in this liquor store design project. In order to add more visual interest to the space we used signage on top of the cooler doors. The main theme for this project was wooden barrel. We decided to have vertical lines; resembling the wooden barrel in from the front view, and added it as a decorative element throughout the space. This detail is visible at the top of the cooler doors and cashiers.

Overall this liquor store design project was very successful as well as insightful. The store has the longest cooler in BC. We had to use all of our knowledge in interior design in order to finish this project, and we are truly happy to be a part of this great retail space.

All as-built photos are used from the Value on Liquor Store official web site. For more information on their location(s) and products please see visit

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